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September 22, 2005



You know, none of the SF LYS' carry Cotton Fleece! Can you believe it?

OK, I have watched Lost (albeit without the sound and with closed captioning--that's another story). So, uh, what tha? I screamed like a little girl when Walt showed up and I hear that with sound it is even scarier. Jinkies! I am a little peeved that it was all Dr. Charlie all the time. Where's my Sawyer? More Sayid, now! What did you think?

Steve Holt!


Thanks for the comment on my blog! Cotton Fleece is a beeatch to find, this is true. There's only one LYS in my city that carries it, one told me that they didn't because Brown Sheep is really difficult to order from. I've got one skein in a turquoise color, but that's it.


I have five in red that I got off ebay. Have you looked there?


I have looked on ebay but
I am trying for a trade to placate my hubby.

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