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September 14, 2005



hi, I saw that episode and wasn't sure what he was talking about except that I agree the world is becoming worse not better...all the more reason to keep knitting!



I almost spit out my beverage when I clicked on the big version of your poor kitty with hat picture. :) I saw KV on The DS today, too, and what a show!


I think your cat wants to eat you. Thanks for the picture, it gave me a big laugh.


that is a great picture! Deep down inside, you know Ellie likes it.


Kurt Voneegut was actually in residence at my school my last year in college. I went to this big talk he did (before which he almost ran me down with his old schwinn or whatever), and though I was terribly confused...I knew that I had just heard something brilliant. *sigh* Now I wish I had cable.


omg. that is one mad kitty. She looks ready to bolt and do the camera person some harm for capturing her image! lol :)

Chris Wass

That picture is too funny! I love how we can see you in the background holding Miss Kitty in place for the picture.


Thanks for the comment on my blog, Bonnie. It made me laugh out loud!!! Keep on coming back; I'm definitely bookmarking YOU. Nice clap, by the way. I finished mine up out of handpainted merino JUST as the weather was warming up and so I'm rather hoping for some chilly weather to break it out. I love mine - you'll love yours, too.

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