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September 10, 2005



Yeah, you should definitely go to the yarn store. While you're out, I'm gonna stop by and steal that gorgeous yarn!!! :)


Mmmm...I Love Raw Cookie dough!
Bonnie you are such a character!
The clap looks great!


Nice clap you have...not too red or pustulating...LOL

When I did my ManClap, I laddered down each time I dropped a stitch because I was oh-so-eager to see what the product would look like. Some commented that that wasn't the way to do it.

I say, go with what you like. Ladder or don't ladder.

Also, I used blocking wires to block mine and it's loverly now. Nice and flat and rectangular. I can't wait to wear it!


My secrets to the clap: drop stitches as you go, take a long trip by car and make your husband drive and then get frustrated with another knitting project that sends you scrambling for something relatively mindless. And, this is my biggest secret -- don't use stitch markers. Count in your head, 1-2-3, 1-2-3.


I can hardly count with stitch markers! Who knows where I'd be without them?

Liz Rincon

well, guess what: The clap has hit Costa Rica. I'm working on it right now, but I'm still on the increase section, halfway through my first skein and wondering if I really want it to be 21 inches wide. Bring LOADS of yarn to CR, as you won't be able to find good yarn or prices, but I've been able to find #1 circs for 1 dollar :D

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