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September 17, 2005



Hey there - I used something from Elann to make my Steek Vest and I loved it SOOOO much that I ordered more yarn to make two more!

I used three balls of ONline Linie 89 - Jeans (try this link http://secure.elann.com/productdisp.asp?NAME=ONline+Linie+89+%2D+Jeans+&Season=&Company=&Cat=ALLY&ProductType=5&OrderBy=&Count=63).

For less than $10 I had a beautiful tank top! My only suggestion (for the pattern that is not the yarn) is to knit twisted (knit into the back of the stitch) the stitch before and after the YO... it gives it a much nicer look.

And this yarn is so nice (and cheap) if you don't like it there is not much lost. I get tons of compliments each time I wear mine...

I didn't change anything else about the pattern - used the same needle size and all...

Which yarn did you choose so I know what to stay away from for my 4th one??

Hope this helps!



And just an FYI - I used a blue-ish mix color to make my first one, a denim blue for my second and the grey pearl they have up there for my third... You can see my first one on my blog - I can't seem to pull it up now (bloglines is being fussy) but it should be back in July (could be June or August but try July first)...

natasha fialkov

what about silk? soy or otherwise?


Silk soy is too thin but the fiber itself is PERFECT! This project is requiring an awful lot of thinking and I haven't even started yet.

Chris Wass

How about the Katia Denim at Elann? I like the color range, lots of brights!


I have used Deco Ribbon from Crystal Palace http://www.yarnmarket.com/product.cfm?action=show_product&product_id=576
to make mine & it warked good ( gauge & yarn for Summer weather!)
What do U Think??


Check out eejayya's steek vest at http://furballrolls.blogspot.com/2005_08_01_furballrolls_archive.html

It looks fabulous!

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